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For an initial interview of a maximum of 30 minutes, Kim-Meijer does not charge a fee. If the 30 minutes turn out to be too short, Kim-Meijer will ask your approval to go further on the office's hourly rate. The hourly rate charged is based on a combination of experience, specialism and the complexity of the case. The rates are competitive. Every month an itemized invoice will be issued for the work undertaken in the month in question. Kim-Meijer does not calculate office expenses. The general terms and conditions of Kim-Meijer will be send before the first interview. The initial interview of 30 minutes can usually be planned at short notice. If you like to make an appointment for an intial interview of 30 minutes, please complete the form on this website.

Legal aid or legal assistance insurance

Subsidized legal aid
You may be eligible for legal aid on the basis of a monetary allowance when you have a low income. In such cases, the government will reimburse the costs for legal assistance. More information can be found on: Kim-Meijer does not work on legal aid. In case of legal aid Kim- Meijer refers you to the website of vFas ( were professionals can be found who work on legal aid basis.

Legal assistance insurance
Kim-Meijer may be able to provide support on the basis of your legal assistance insurance (Dutch: ‘rechtsbijstandverzekering’). Please contact your insurance agent or your insurance provider to find out if divorce mediation or family or marital issues are covered by your insurance plan.

General terms and conditions
You can find the general conditions of Kim-Meijer Advocatuur here.

Complaints Regulation.
You can find the complaints regulation of Kim-Meijer Advocatuur here.

Third-Party Funds Management Foundation
Kim-Meijer Advocatuur does not have a Third-Party Funds Management Foundation for the receipt and payment of funds intended for clients or third parties.

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