Kim Meijer


How you and your partner choose to handle a separation is important because of the effect it will have on the rest of your life and that of your child(ren). Your child(ren) need to know that they are not losing the love and support of either parent, and that they are not responsible for your separation or divorce. They need to be involved in the new living arrangements. If you want to avoid an all-out-conflict and keep communication open 'in the best interests of your children' a separation or divorce under the guidance of a divorce mediator, or a collaborative mediator and/or cross border mediator is the best choice for you. Kim-Meijer can offer you three alternative ways to arrange the separation in the professional manner.

The services of Kim-Meijer include amongst others

  • Divorce mediation, collaborative divorce and litigation in (international) divorces and related matters (access and custody, maintenance, the settlement of community property, postnuptial agreements and preliminary relief)
  • cross border mediation in international child abduction cases
  • change of name, adoption, guardianship and administration cases, denial and determination of paternity
  • second opinions

Kim-Meijer has a permanent network of experts that she can call upon for psychological, financial and tax advice. This bundling of expertise ensures that you and your children will receive optimal assistance in both complex and relatively simple situations.

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